Relationship building

ReImages goal is to listen to our clients needs base off of what is realistic for them.  We believe building a relationship with our client is the #1 reason to make our events a success.  We work as a team to make things happen.


We take pride in guiding our clients through the detailed process of planning.  We set goals and timelines which helps the client feel at ease knowing that all the fine details will be taken cared of by us.  We are committed to making your event a success.

Implentation with precision

It's the day of your event and you need not worry about the implementation as we will be in charge of everything (decor, food,entertainment and whatever you want!)   Remember, it's your party.  Sit back and relax!  Enjoy your party!

Familiar with local vendors

Rest assured we have our local vendors who understand our culture and works well our clients to collaborate for a successful event.

Key word is FUN!

We ease the anxiety....

Remember, we are all here to have FUN!  Planning an event is suppose to be an easy task and we will work together to make it happen!  ATTITUDE is FUN!

Next Steps...

Please contact us to schedule a meet and greet to get to know you!  We are looking forward to planning your future events.